[CANCELLED] Tilting at the City of Manchester to release Big Mike from jail

Don Quixote de la Shire
anyone who joins him
and onlookers

Tilting at Manchester City Hall, District Court, police station, and jail in order to free pro-freedom activist Big Mike from Valley Street jail.

Sunday, 2010-01-24 12:00

Don Quixote will start his ride at the spot in Veteran’s Park, where Mike and Brian were arrested last week. We will continue to City Hall, District Court, and the police station. If necessary, the knight errant will tilt his Lance of Levity and Axe of Anarchy against the doors of the jail.

Because we cannot sit by while our friend Mike sits in jail for months. Mike committed no crime against the inhabitants of this city. He was celebrating freedoms prohibited by the government thugs that call themselves the City of Manchester. After being detained against his will for twenty minutes last Saturday, he was told by a cop he could leave. As he passed by, they brushed up against each other. The cops then arrested him. He is being held in jail until a trial in April for “assaulting an officer.” If the city of Manchester releases him, then we can drop this matter.

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