Big Mike also arrested for Nasha 4:20 rally

“Big Mike” has now been arrested on “disorderly conduct” charges stemming from the Nashua 4:20 rally. Manchester police came to his apartment around 11:45 on Saturday and threatened to kick down the door if he didn’t go with them. He has refused bail, and his arraignment will be at 08:15 on Monday in Nashua District Court, although this information is not confirmed at this point.

The Nashua Police can be contacted at +1.603.594.3500. Nashua PD records all their calls: Therefore there is no expectation of privacy, so you do not have to notify them that you are recording them if you are. The public relations/media officer is Lt. Raymond McDannell.

The District Court is not open on the weekend, but can be contacted at +1.603.880.3333 from 08:00 to 16:00 on Monday through Friday.

After Jim Johnson’s arrest yesterday, it is now apparent they are going after prominent activists who participated in the 4:20 rallies. If you were at the rallies, especially if you interacted with police or acted as an organizer, be sure to have your cameras and Porc411 ready over the next few days in case they come to arrest you next.

UPDATE: As of 2010-04-19, Big Mike has been arraigned and will remain in jail pending trial on 2010-05-17.

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