About the website

420at420.org was first set up in November of 2009 by several New Hampshire liberty activists in order to report on and promote the “420 at 4:20” rallies happening all over the state in response to the lack of progress on marijuana legislation.

The website was the idea of Rich Paul and Noah Wood, in order to keep Keene activists informed about the rallies happening around the rest of New Hampshire. Not all 420 attendees are familiar with Porc411, or activism in general, so they may have no clue as to when and where the 420s are being held, or what is happening with jailed activists that were arrested at the rallies.

J’raxis 270145 set up this website and currently admins it. Any suggestions for the website may be sent to him or any one else that you see on the contributors page.

So, in the great words of Rich Paul, “We smoke these in remembrance of lost liberties, and in hopes of a day where the people do not fear the government—because the government fears the people. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.”

About the rallies

The history of the rallies.

The rallies in the news

YouTube: The Ridley Report

YouTube: bikerbillnh