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The costs for the site are the monthly hosting fees and yearly domain name renewal fees.

Our hosting is currently being provided to us by EPRCI, provider of IT services for liberty activists, by liberty activists. Their hosting fees are $10 per month. You can read about what sets EPRCI apart from large, mainstream hosting companies here, and the services they provide here. Rich Paul is currently covering the hosting costs for us.

bitcoin:1Q2R4AFPgcmZyvYfXFK48uCpfSoDz8pzBD The site is located at, with,, and registered to protect against domain-squatting fraudsters. These four domains cost approximately $45 per year to register. J’raxis is currently paying for the domain names himself.

If you want to help cover these costs, please send some bitcoin to 1Q2R4AFPgcmZyvYfXFK48uCpfSoDz8pzBD, or give money to our supporters in person. Or, if you want to support any of the other people involved in the site, thanking them for their contributions, give money directly to them. We don’t accept donations via PayPal. Services like PayPal prohibit “promotion of illegal activities” such as drug use in their terms of service, so we’re not using them.