2012 State House rally

Here are our newest flyers. Click the images to download the PDF to print. Print ’em out, tack ’em up anywhere you can, and let your friends know to do the same!

Some ideas on how to use the flyers to publicize the rally:

  • Distribute them by hand to college students, park goers, pedestrians, and so on.
  • Post them on telephone poles, lamp posts, the sides of city mail boxes, newspaper stands, and the like.
  • In cities with street parking, place them under people’s windshield wipers.
  • In rural areas, put them in the newspaper tubes alongside many residential mailboxes. Do not place them inside the actual U.S. Postal Service–owned mailboxes, but placing them on the outside—tucking them behind the flag, or hanging them off the latch—is okay.
  • Put them on public bulletin boards, which many city downtowns and parks have. Many colleges have bulletin boards, too!

Please respect private property! If college security asks you to leave, or someone asks you not to place one on their car or mailbox, please be respectful of their wishes. Please don’t place them on private bulletin boards (such as on storefronts) or other private property without the express permission of the owner.


Older flyers


Keene daily rallies

If anyone would like to make a better design, let us know!

Manchester daily rallies

Manchester flyer

These are black and white 8½×11″ flyers, in PDF format. Made by J’raxis.