More details come to light about yesterday’s 420 arrests

The Keene 420 that took place today was to show support for the Manchester 420 group that was taken upon by cops yesterday, where Brian Manning and “Big Mike” were arrested for smoking in Veteran’s Park. Although there’s no solid proof yet, it’s been revealed that there was some sort of meeting for the newly-elected Mayor of Manchester, Ted Gatsas, taking place right across the street—this may have been the cause for the police activity yesterday, considering how well it had been going for the 420s last year where the cops busted no one.

I spoke with Brian Manning and his account was that two undercover “law enforcement officers” came and said that they could smell the smoke, and saw them smoking earlier. At that point, several other officers showed up, outnumbering the group of activists by one.

There were several locals at the rally, and many came from Manchester to take part in the demonstration. All left without incident.

This coming Saturday, 2010-01-23, there will be a 420 demonstration taking place at Victory Park in Manchester. I’m sure the time is a given.

“Big Mike’s” court date is this Tuesday, 2010-01-19 at 08:30 in Manchester. The more people that are there, the better.